Saturday, September 17, 2011

What if I want a second opinion?

Before starting treatment, you might want a second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment plan. Many insurance companies cover a second opinion if you or your doctor requests it. A second opinion can make you feel more confident about the diagnosis and treatment choices.

It may take some time and effort to gather your medical records and see another doctor. In most cases, it's not a problem to take several weeks to get a second opinion. The delay in starting treatment usually will not make treatment less effective. To make sure, you should discuss any delay with your doctor.

There are many ways to find a doctor for a second opinion. You can ask your doctor, a local or state medical society, a nearby hospital, or a medical school for names of specialists. 

Other sources can be found in NCI's fact sheet 
How To Find a Doctor or Treatment Facility If You Have Cancer.

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