Friday, September 30, 2011

What Cancer Cannot Do

As soon as I read ”What Cancer Cannot Do” I felt my inner cancer SURVIVOR come out.  We tend to give cancer a lot of power.  It is part of the process to start blaming changes in our lives, relationships, outlook, attitude and choices on cancer.  The real deal is that each one of us has the power and inner-strength to focus on what we CAN do and what cancer CANNOT do.  It is a powerful exercise. 
I started thinking about what else could be added to the list.  I’m sharing it with all of my blog readers and asking you to add to the list as well.  Here is my version:
Cancer is so limited…
It cannot turn my world to darkness.
It cannot make the beauty of nature disappear.
It cannot take over my being.
It cannot drain my creativity.
It cannot silence my voice.
It cannot prevent me from spreading awareness and hope.
It cannot come between my connection with a Higher Power.
It cannot stop me from laughing and smiling.
It cannot take my will power.
It cannot make me give up.
It cannot take away my joy.
It cannot change my purpose in life.
Jennifer Bridge is a thyroid cancer survivor and Life Coach.  Jennifer offers complimentary intro life coaching sessions via phone. For details on how to schedule your complimentary coaching call please contact her at 

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