Sponsorship Opportunities

One of the most wonderful things about Stevie JoEllie's Cancer Care Fund is that all of our existing and projected programs and services are completely free of charge to those we aim to serve. “Completely free of charge” means that our organization and all of our education, awareness and supportive services initiatives are free to members, but of course, as everyone knows there is a REAL DOLLAR cost associated with the community awareness and education initiative as well as other service programs in development to fulfill our stated goals.

The thyroid cancer awareness, community health education services we aim to provide are actually estimated to cost our fund/organization approximately $1,000 a year per individual served. Money we need to raise ourselves. Please consider underwriting the cost for one member for the next year or giving whatever you can. Every gift, big or small, truly does and will make a difference.

Cancer knows no boundaries, the long term emotional and psychological effects on families as well as the financial impact of quality care and diagnostic follow up is a reality for millions of people of all ethnic and financial backgrounds. It will most likely affect all of us in some way in our lifetime – knowing that we are here to provide H.O.P.E. means so much to Stevie JoEllie and all the countless members our programs will serve year after year.

Think of all the people we can and will "save" through our thyroid cancer early detection education and awareness initiative through community events.

Become one of a very special group of loyal supporters and consider a monthly or annual donation to Stevie JoEllie's Cancer Care Fund Programs Development or even for her perpetual medical care fund exclusively,  the choice is yours! You will make an important difference in her life, the lives of thyroid cancer patients and their families who need your help. Please send your check or money order payable to:

"Stevie JoEllie's Cancer Care Fund "
c/o Wilma Colon Ariza
273 Ellison Street Second Floor 
Paterson, NJ 07501 

* Make sure to include specific use/program donation in the memo line or somewhere prominently on your check or money order, otherwise, it will be deposited in general operational fund.

Suggested Donations Scale
  • $2,500 Access to Care Operational Fund.
  • $2,000 Community Outreach Program.
  • $1,500  Thyroid Cancer Awareness Program.
  • $1,000  Stevie JoEllie's Cash Assistance.  
  • $    750 Make-A-Dream-Come-True Fund 
  • $    500 Office Supplies/Petty Cash Fund.

Recurring gifts are easy to set-up and allows you to make ongoing monthly or quarterly contributions in manageable amounts and/or we can work with you developing cause related marketing sponsorship packages specifically designed for our  special events  fundrasing series.  

For More Information Email info@sjccfthynet.org