Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Faces of Thyroid Cancer: Linda Fox

NORFOLK CT -- When Linda Fox was told by doctors that she would heal better from her cancer treatments if she was in better shape, she set a lofty goal.  She decided to run 1,000 races. The thyroid cancer survivor will run race number 258 this Saturday when she does the Walk On The Wild Side 5k put on by Lee's Friends at the Virginia Zoo.

"And I used to run, but I didn't run nearly as much. And now I feel like Forest Gump Jr. 'Run Forest run'" laughed Fox.    

Always mindful of community spirit. Linda spent 12 years as NJROTC instructor at Maury High School.  That was after her 21 years in the Navy.   And for 32 years she's been married to Bill Fox. He, too, is a retired master chief. A master chief married to a master chief?

"That's kind of hard. That's kind of hard, you know.  It's kind of one or the other way or the hard way, "said Bill Fox.   

Bill's a skin cancer survivor and appreciates what Linda has to go through in battling thyroid cancer. Run number 258 will be for Lee's Friends at the zoo Saturday.  Lee's friends knows a lot of courageous survivors.

"There are. Lee's Friends likes to remind people that our tag line is 'helping people live with cancer' and I think that our friend Linda Fox defines that," concluded Carol Olsen, Executive Director of Lee's Friends. 

The race starts at 8:00 a.m. Saturday May 12th at The Virginia Zoo.  Registration starts at 7:00 AM   For more information, visit the website of Lee's Friends.

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