Friday, October 14, 2011

Learning You Have Cancer: Fear & Worry

"The word 'cancer' frightens everyone I know. It's a diagnosis that most people fear more than any other."

It's scary to hear that you have cancer. You may be afraid or worried about:
  • being in pain, either from the cancer or the treatment
  • feeling sick or looking different as a result of your treatment
  • taking care of your family
  • paying your bills
  • keeping your job
  • dying
Your family and close friends may also worry about:
  • seeing you upset or in pain
  • not giving you enough support, love, and understanding
  • living without you
Some fears about cancer are based on stories, rumors, and old information. Most people feel better when they know what to expect. They feel less afraid when they learn about cancer and its treatment. As one man with prostate cancer said,

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