Friday, April 22, 2011

Low Sex Drive and Thyroid Disease:

According to a Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) study reported on in February 1999, about 43 percent of women and 31 percent of men suffer sexual inadequacy for one reason or another. The reasons cited included low desire, performance anxiety, premature ejaculation and/or pain during intercourse. Interestingly, this is thought to actually underestimate the real level of sexual dysfunction in the U.S. Research indicated that many of the sexual concerns were likely treatable, as they are due to physical and health issues. These health concerns can include common hormonal imbalances such as hypothyroidism.

Many people -- women in particular -- still complain of a lack of sexual desire even after their doctors consider the thyroid problem sufficiently treated. Low libido is just one of many symptoms that are not resolved for many people, despite treatment. Here are ten ways to revive your sex drive.

1. Make sure your thyroid drug treatment is optimal.

2. Make sure your TSH level is the best for your health

3. Check your hormones - get a full profile

4. Have a thorough physical to rule out other non-thyroid health conditions

5. Get testosterone supplementation, if necessary

6. For women, supplement estrogen/progesterone if needed

7. With your doctor's approval, consider supplements

8. Lose weight if you can. Some people have metabolic disorders that make difficult, sometimes, impossible to lose weight so have a full medical evaluation and be realistic.

9. Exercise, even moderate excersice can help you feel better overall. Start slow and build up duration and frequency. You can start by walking 20 minutes a day every other day.

10. Consider counseling or psychotherapy, either alone or with your partner.

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