Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Thyroid and Neck Self Exam

Thirty million Americans have some growth or nodule on the thyroid gland. To detect a thyroid abnormality early, follow these easy steps:

Stand In Front Of Mirror

Stretch Neck Back

Swallow Water

Look for Enlargement in Neck

(below the Adam's Apple, above the collar bone)

Feel Area to Confirm Enlargement or Bump

If A Problem Detected, See An Endocrinologist or Primary Physician


To view a full version of ``The Neck Check,'' or receive additional information about the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE), visit the association's web site:


Strikes Just As Many People As Cervical & Liver Cancer

30,000,000 Suspected of Having Benign or Cancerous Thyroid Gland Nodules

3,000,000 Suspected of Having Thyroid Cancer, Thousands of Unknown Victims

About 34,000 People in U.S. Newly diagnosed & teated for Thyroid Cancer Each Year

Currently, There are 200,000 Thyroid Cancer Patients in the U.S.

Often Goes Undetected Because Patients Do Not Experience Any Early Warning Signs and Symptons.

Possible Thyroid ancer Signs: Nodules or Bumps on Gland or Enlargement of Thyroid Gland or Goiter.

10-15 million Americans Have Nodules That May Be a Sign of a Thyroid Disorder but not thyroid cancer.

Most Thyroid Cancers are Cured by Surgical Removal of Gland or Radioactive-Iodine Treatments If Cancer is Discovered Early.

Non-Functioning or Surgically Removed Gland Is Treated with Synthetic Hormone Levothyroxine for LIFE.

Afflicts Mostly Women Age 15 - 65 -although the number of pediatric thyroid cancers is increasing in recent years for unknown reasons

Men Who Have Nodules 3X More Likely to Have Cancer

The younger the person with thyroid nodules the more likely nodules will be malignant.

Fine-Needle Tissue Biopsy of Nodule is ``Gold Standard Test'' Recommended by AACE

Cancer Prevalent in People Exposed to Head/Neck Radiation Prior to 1950

Thyroid is Butterfly-Shaped Gland Located in Front of Lower Neck Area

Thyroid Provides Hormones Regulating All Vital Organs

If Untreated, Cancer Grows/Travels to Other Areas of Body

If Detected Early Enough = High Treatment Success Rate

About The Author: Wilma Ariza is the Founder and Development Director of Stevie JoEllie's Cancer Care Fund a Project of United Charitable Programs Inc., a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Tax ID 20-4286082 Progam 102442. In 2008 her daughter Stevie JoEllie was diagnosed with State II Follicular Thyroid Cancer a few weeks after her 21st Birthday and "survived" two thyroid cancer recurrences. Ms. Ariza was also diagnosed with cancer (leiomyosarcoma) the same week of her daughters diagnosis. They fought cancer together and today they are both doing well, dedicated to advocating and promoting thyroid cancer awareness, access to care grants and free supportive services for thyroid cancer patients and survivors nationwide.

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